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I’ve never been a morning person. I’ve been a night owl since I was a kid and I’m more creative and productive at night than I am during the day.

Mornings have always been a struggle.

I would hear people talk about their awesome morning routines and I’d try – I’d have a handful of days each year where I’d wake up early and go to the gym, or do some meditation or writing before work, but actually sticking to a routine just seemed out of reach.


Back in my 9-5 life, my “morning routine” consisted of snoozing until the absolute last minute, then rushing to get ready and out the door. I did this FOR YEARS. I didn’t even allow time for coffee – that I would get when I arrived to the office. Having a “morning routine” would mean that I’d have to get up even earlier than 7:30am and that just wasn’t going to happen.

Since I’ve left the 9-5 and been working on my own, I’ve not only had the luxury of free morning time to create a routine, I’ve actually found that it’s crucial for my wellbeing and also for the productivity and success with my businesses.

mindful morning routine

As entrepreneurs, we often have the luxury of creating our own schedules. While this is a great freedom, it can actually mean that some days might be spent Facebook scrolling and Netflix binging.

Not so productive. 😬

I’ve had to learn to use different tools to create structure into my days, and now the most important part of my day is my morning routine.

natalie morning routine entrepreneur

In the beginning, I’ll admit it took some effort. But I started off small with just 5 minutes of meditation and a bit of writing, so that it didn’t seem daunting. And pretty soon it became a habit and now is basically effortless. Because I do the same thing every morning, I don’t need to think about it anymore, I just do it. 👊

My morning routine keeps me on track and starts the day off on a positive and consistent note. Positivity and consistency are two things I’ve learned that are essential for my success. Today, I give myself about an hour each morning to write, meditate, & visualize. I also record this in a habit tracker which keeps me motivated and committed to the process.

habit tracker

Today, I can honestly say that my morning routine is my favorite part of the day. I start each day focused on my wellbeing, with intention and positive energy. Over a relatively short period of time, this has given me:

1. more confidence 💃🏾

2. greater productivity 💻

3. increased cash flow 💸

And my daily meditation practice is more solid that it’s EVER been. 

like a boss

Having a mindful morning routine has been completely life changing! I encourage you to create one of your own, that is personal and works for YOU. But to give you an idea of what mine looks like, here is a typical morning for me: 

10am wake up

10-10:20 – read email (personal, not work related), check messages, social media scrolling in bed *I acknowledge that sometimes this is not the best way to start my morning, and I would like to get away from reaching for my phone first thing, but it’s just where I’m at today! ☺️

10:20-10:30 – make a delicious cup of coffee and bring it over to my meditation spot

10:30-11:00 – Journaling. I grab my laptop and start writing. I write about whatever is on my mind. This varies day-to-day but is usually a mix of the following:

  • How I’m feeling emotionally
  • My day yesterday
  • How I’m doing on my personal & professional goals
  • The things I am grateful for
  • What I want to accomplish for the day
  • My dreams the night before
  • My fears
  • Anything weighing heavy on my heart or things/feelings that I need to sort out

11:00-11:20 – Meditation. Lately I’ve been practicing Lovingkindness meditation in the morning and is so centering and lovely, especially to start the day. I do about 15 minutes of Lovingkindness meditation and 5 minutes of mindfulness meditation – this could be mindfulness of the breath, thoughts, or emotions – just depends on the day.

If you are like most entrepreneurs and struggle with perfectionism, or have a loud-mouthed inner critic, practicing lovingkindness meditation can be a total game changer! I know it might sound cheesy to some of you, but it really helps to create the compassion you need to silence the self doubt and really go for what you want. 

11:20-11:30 – Visualization. I am a strong believer in using visualization as a way to manifest things you want in your life. I’ve been using this practice for years and it’s been incredibly effective. I use this for personal desires, professional desires – it works for both. The key is to get quiet, and visualize yourself reaching your goal and feeling all the feelings of success.

And then I go on with my day and get to work! And I do so, more centered, focused, and confident than ever before.

i am badass

What is your morning routine like? Do you have a question for me?Comment below. Let’s chat!


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